SAS Nagar was once considered to be an extension to Chandigarh, and a dependent city, but today, with its wide infrastructure growth, availability of Land for infrastructure Development has made people of Chandigarh dependent on it.

Various Factors on which support the above statement are:-

  • Medical Facilities Like Fortis, Max, Ivy, etc. are in SAS Nagar.
  • Professional Institutions Like ISB, IISER, NIPER are in SAS Nagar.
  • Malls Like North Country Mall (Biggest Mall of North India) is in SAS Nagar, Bestech is all set to operationalise its mall in next 3 months.
  • Whole Property is freehold which is a very attractive point for the End User.
  • Prices in SAS Nagar are 50% as compared to prices in Chandigarh.
  • In developing areas of SAS Nagar prices are even 10-15% of Prices in Chandigarh, which make it an attractive investment destination.
  • GMADA's initiative of sports stadiums has got an excellent response from Genral Public, many families even from Chandigarh are coming to these sports stadiums.
  • Punjab Government has shifted many of its offices to SAS Nagar for Example, Forest Department, CID, Town and Country Planning Department, Panchayat Vibhag etc.
  • IT Park SAS Nagar, Infosys has already taken 50 Acre land to make the biggest campus of North India, other 31 companies have also taken plots to build there campus, out of which 2 have already started construction.
  • International Airport: International Airport has made a space of SAS Nagar in the Global Map. Due to its exceptional locational advantage, and connectivity to Himachal, Haryana, Punjab and even parts of Rajasthan, it will attract big crowd.      

    • These factors have made SAS Nagar a very attractive living as well as investment destination.