Kharar sits on National Highway 21 (old numbering) with direct access to Chandigarh and other major cities of north India mainly Manali and Jammu.

It has its own bus station maintained by CTU which plies buses to various nearby towns and villages every half an hour on CTU's route number 35 (Kharar to Chandigarh) and route number 20 (Kharar to Chandigarh via Landran). After introduction of AC buses the journey to Chandigarh has got even better.

The alternate mode of transportation is Auto-rickshaws and radio operated cabs. Buses to various nearby villages are operated from the other station which is just 100metres away from the main bus station although both bus stations are just open spaces used to park buses, with only main bus station having a building (CTU office) and shelter. The whole place is surrounded by a huge market and a Petrol filling station. The area is well lit with two towers of flood lights at night. Traffic congestion is a major problem. The administration is planning to build a new bus station 3 kms away from the current location to ease up the congestion created during peak hours.
mOhali Busstand
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